Custom tailored cabinets to fit your space with your choice of the highest quality materials

Full Service Design & Installation For All Your Closet and Garage Organization Needs

Custom Organization Systems

Personalized Home Organization for San Diego Residents

San Diego Closet Factory serves the San Diego area with custom closet cabinets, garage cabinets, and home office cabinets.  Our staff of experienced designers are ready to help you design a plan that will maximize the efficiency and storage in your home.  We use premium quality materials that set your cabinets apart from the mainstream offerings of the big box stores.

Closet Storage Systems

Our closet cabinets are custom built to your space.  Why settle for stock offerings made somewhere else, when you can get a custom solution with high quality materials built to order here in San Diego.  Accessorize your closet with angled shoe shelves, pull-out trays, hanging rods, and more!  Choose among 21 premium textured laminate colors.

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Home Office Organization

We draw upon our wealth of space-saving solutions to help you craft a home office that is both ergonomic and beautiful.  Why settle for an off the shelf solution when you can have a beautiful home office that is tailored to your needs and is built-in to maximize your space.  We offer all the accessories you need including pull-out keyboard trays, files drawers, cord management, adjustable shelving, and more.

Garage Storage Cabinets

Most garage cabinets are offered in only stock sizes and a single white color.   At San Diego Closet Factory, choose among 21 rugged and beautiful textured laminates for your garage cabinets.  And don't settle for stock sizes - we will customize any size you need to maximize your space and achieve a truly custom look.


One Source for Custom Closet, Garage, Home Office, and all your Organization Needs

The expert designers at San Diego Closet Factory work with you to create a personalized design that matches your unique tastes.  With access to a large assortment of finishes and accessories, along with 3D modeling, we can show you renderings of what your space will become.  You can review and modify quickly and easily during the design stage to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.  Our installation team will schedule a time frame that works for you.  We are not like some larger companies that design your job, pass it off to a different company to build, and yet another company to install.  We handle it all in-house so that you get exactly what you want without any headaches or miscommunication.